Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My Novel, Lavender Blood, Re-released

 It am so happy to tell you the improved version of my novel, Lavender Blood, is now available in Kindle Store. This book is edited by Lea Ellen Borg from Night Owl Editing Services. She’s such an amazing editor who pushes beyond limit to make my book look so much better. I’ve learned so much from her during our time working together.

Here is the new cover…

It looks so much better than the first version, don’t you think?

This book was first sold at $3.99 (INR 260), but you can grab one right now at a discounted price $0.99 (INR 60).

Book Description
 When the Desmaraises move to Phillips Lake, suspicions move in with them. Marcel, Linda and their daughter, Anamaria, become the center of attention in the cold town when a series of horrifying screams howl up their walls at night.
While Nathan Willpert, a newly transferred police officer is determined to expose the Desmaraises’ secret and to solve a series of mysterious deaths, his nephew, Carlisle Fox, is already in at the deep end.
Nathan and Carlisle discover too late that the Desmaraises are not only nonhuman, but they are creatures at war. Deadly mysteries are buried under the ground on which they stand. Death becomes a graceful option for the townsfolk and its newcomers when the mysterious enemy has an absolute weapon to destroy and torture.
We’re planning to do a lot of giveaways and book promo in this coming months. I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys think about it.

Have a nice day,

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hurt Writer Dairy: Day 14

I wasn't feeling so well for the past couple of days. I woke up with a horrible sore throat, and I was tired through out the day. Maybe it's a change of season, which is very harsh. My writing has been slow during this time, but I will try to catch up to the scheduled deadline.

I don't have much to say today as my head was very numb right now.

Going to bed...


Friday, 1 March 2013

Hurt Writer Diary: Day 10

8 years ago, when before we bought our first computer, I drafted a novel called 'Blue Rabbit' by hand. Later when I got a computer, I typed it. It's a small book, about 50,000 words. I almost forgot about it, but today I saw an old draft, which led me to search for an old file in my data storage.
And there it was... raw and messy, but the story is worth to keep. I decided to work on this as a side project. It's easy because the story is whole now, but I do need to change a lot of things. I mean, this story was written eight years ago, so it needs to be polished... it needs a new name, too, because 'Blue Rabbit' is definitely doesn't represent the story. It's about a war between two tribes, a spinning love twist, and the beauty of royalty. But I just have to call it 'Blue Rabbit' for now until I could figure out a catchy name for it.

I came back to 'the Grave Shadows' again. The cleaning up process is half way done.

The moon is my company at night when I work on my novel. It's there next to my window until I retreat to bed. The bed is next to my working table. My husband usually sleeps before I finish working. And even how careful I crawl inside the bed, he would always sense my movement and pull me in to snuggle. How romantic is that!


Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Grave Shadows: the Cover Revealed

I'm so happy to show you the cover of my up-coming novel, 'the Grave Shadows.'
I made it myself. I really love it right now. What do you think? Can this be a book you would like to grab from a bookstore?

Background Picture: Under creative common by Tim Green
Angel Bronze: Under creative common by Eddie


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hurt Writer Diary: Day 8

I'm all about the moon at this moment. It's 11.27 pm and I still go through the edits of 'Lavender Blood.' The moon outside my window is bright, round, and gigantic. It sets a perfect ambiance for writing at night.

I always love the moon. My mum used to tell me that when I was a kid, I always asked her to take the moon down for me so I could eat it. It's so weird right? Why would someone want to eat the moon.

These day, I don't crave a slice of the big bright moon anymore. It's my inspiration, a romance setting, a dreamy capture.

It's almost midnight now.


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hurt Writer Diary: Day 7

My editor, Lea Ellen sent me the edits of 'Lavender Blood' to go through. She is very thorough, and I've learned a lot from her. So, I will be working on this for a couple of days. When I deliver the manuscript back to her, then I can concentrate on 'the Grave Shadow' again.

A reader asked me: if I ever have ever been confused over the stories while working on two novels at the same time.
But, no really. 'Lavender Blood' and 'the Grave Shadow' are two different realms- both dark, but one in the shade of purple, another in the shade of black. And also, Lavender Blood is done, and I only have to review it, while the Grave Shadow is still an on-going journey.
And as I promised, a sneak peak of 'the Grave Shadow' is coming soon, probably on this Saturday.

The moon is very bright tonight. Again, I will be working very late. Full moon in the dark night is the finest inspiration for paranormal romance, don't you think?


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Hurt Writer Diary: Day 5

I didn't make it to Diveagar, and the weekend wasn't so productive after all.
A sneak preview of 'the Grave Shadow' is coming soon. I will update it in this week along with the first version of the book cover. I promise myself to clean this story up before Friday. And I'm very happy with the process so far.

Tonight, I have I bright full moon outside my window. The sky looked almost like art. The midnight darkness is so beautiful. I'm capturing this into page, hoping to fill it in a dark and romantic story in the future.